Berry Bramble Swimming Hole

I love finding remote swimming holes. There’s nothing quite like hiking out to a pristine, beautiful pool and being able to take a dip (swimsuit optional) away from crowds with little concern that you’ll be discovered. A few summers back, my friend Megan and I started checking out the swimming spots from the book Day … Continue reading Berry Bramble Swimming Hole

Belden’s Landing – Kayaking

Now that I’m madly in love with my Oru Bay Kayak, I’ve been looking for new places within day-tripping distance to explore (from San Jose). My criteria are that I want places that are scenic, not too crowded, and have access to quiet paddling zones (not just open water). I mainly look for bays, lakes, … Continue reading Belden’s Landing – Kayaking

Elkhorn Slough

Spring is in the air - and in the water! One of my favorite springtime activities is to go kayaking at Elkhorn Slough; this year rather than being stuck with clunky rental kayaks and gear, I was able to take my new Oru Bay Kayak out on her maiden voyage. My graduation present: Oru Bay … Continue reading Elkhorn Slough