Sushi [Confidential]

There’s nothing confidential about Sushi Confidential. It started out in Campbell by Randy Musterer, AKA “Sushi Randy,” and has since expanded to a second location in downtown San Jose near San Pedro Square (in the old Sonoma Chicken Coop location). This not so confidential sushi joint is a lot of fun, and conveniented located right in the heart of downtown. I recently dropped in to check out this new location with some coworkers during lunch on a Friday.

Much to my joy, Sushi Confidential is hip to the needs of the gluten free and has a gluten free section on their menu. I ordered the gluten free “Incognito Roll” and found it exceptionally delicious. While the gluten free section on the menu is small, the waiters are aware of cross-contamination issues and provide you with gluten free soy sauce. This will definitely be on my list of GF dining staples moving forward.

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