Musical Swings

San Jose has been trying to grow its art scene for a number of years. From “First Fridays” events at art galleries to increased investment in public art, it’s a welcome change. Recently, the city installed a very fun interactive piece of art in Cesar Chavez Plaza, right by the Tech Museum. This fun exhibit allows you to create music by reliving your childhood and enjoying a swing set with strangers. The music is oddly soothing and chimes with each high point of your swing, allowing you to change your pace and impact the music at your discretion. Originally slated to be here for just two months, the swings have been extended and are available for your enjoyment until October 23, 2016.


An adorable family enjoys the swings. Photo credit: Lisette

These swings are great to drop in on while you’re out and about downtown in the evenings. Want a cheap but fun activity for a date? This is a perfect and delightfully free option paired with a walk around downtown, the swings light up, which make them even more beautiful at night. Want to bring the kids? No problem, the swings are family friendly and open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. Drop by and check them out while they’re still around!

How swings work.jpg

Here’s the scoop on the swings. Photo credit: Lisette

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