Perfect Pescadero Bike Loop

I just adore Pescadero, this quaint little fishing town just south of Santa Cruz is filled with charming activities and stunning backroads. Last weekend I tried a new 31 mile bike loop here recommended by a 7X7 article, and it was just as lovely as the article alleged. After picking up a lovely coffee at Downtown Local, we loaded up our bikes and took off.

Pescadero Lunch View

The view from our cliffside lunch. Photo credit: Lisette

Starting in downtown Pescadero, we took Stage Coach Road north until it hit Highway 1. This pristine little back road is dotted with farms, trees and rolling hills, providing idyllic scenery to start our ride. From there we went down the coast for about half of the loop, passing stunning views, stopping for lunch at a cliffside bench, and dropping in at Pigeon Point Lighthouse, before looping back on Gazos Creek Road. I will warn you, the Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy 1) part of the ride is filled with heavy traffic, so it’s not as tranquil as the inland parts of the ride. Once you turn back up Gazos Creek, you’ll ride along a beautiful creek, and pass fields of flowers, enjoying the same serene atmosphere as during the Stage Coach portion of the ride.

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Photo credit: Lisette

I was lucky enough to have a great partner for this ride, who enjoyed road biking as much as me, without feeling the need to push limits or be competitive. It made for an absolutely perfect day. I can’t wait to discover more routes like this one!


A stunning field filled with poppies. Photo credit: Lisette

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