Iceland Ring Road (Part II) – Vik

Our trek around the Ring Road started with a trip towards Vik and a two night farmstay at Solheimahjaleiga. We booked through HeyIceland, which was an amazing resource for us on our trip. When we arrived, we found an adorable farm full of lambs and were greeted by one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever met. We entered the main building, uncertain if we were checking in at the right place, and found a blonde-haired young man who emanated zen and relaxation. He said to us, “I am Snorri. You are in the right place.” And with that, we felt at peace with the world. We checked into the guest house and were delighted that our little room had a private bath and a view of the sheep-filled pastures.


Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Photo credit: Lisette

On the way to the farm, we dropped by the Seljalandsfoss waterfall and were surprised at just how many waterfalls we happened upon driving on the main road. This waterfall had a trail that allowed you to trek up right behind the fall (if you don’t mind getting wet) and was an amazing introduction into the world of Icelandic waterfalls.


Skogafoss waterfalls. Photo credit: Lisette

Past Seljalandsfoss, we dropped in on Skogafoss, another stunning waterfall. This wider waterfall dropped onto wide black sand and featured a staircase/trail that let visitors to climb up and get a view from the top.

Glacier View

View from the glacier. Photo credit: Lisette

The next day we did a half-day hike on the Solheimajokull glacier with Troll Expeditions. We met up with our guide, a local man (he easily looked like he could be part troll), wearing only a t-shirt, he was unphased by the chill air on the glacier. We donned crampons, climbing harnesses, and were given ice picks for our glacial adventure.

Glacier Climbing.jpg

Learning to ice climb. Photo credit: Casey

Our small tour group had only one couple joining us, so we were able to try some ice climbing and spend a fair amount of time practicing our climbing technique. This was by far one of the highlights of the trip, we were lucky enough to have fantastic weather, a great group and an overall phenomenal time on the glacier.

Beach rocks.jpg

Rock formations at Reynisfjara. Photo credit: Lisette

After our glacier hike, we decided to explore a bit more and take advantage of the lovely weather. We headed to the famous black sand beach, Reynisfjara, and enjoyed the scenery and rock formations here.

Lisette on the rocks

Lisette on the rocks. Photo credit: Casey

We then drove up the bluffs on a whim and found an amazing spot to take pictures overlooking the beach. This spot requires 4-wheel drive, but is well worth exploring. The top of the bluff has a lovely little lighthouse and is one of the best spots to photograph the coastline.

L&C on the bluff

Lisette and Casey on the bluff. Photo credit: male tourist

We arrived back at the guest house with warnings about severe sand and ash storms the next day and high winds, the rental car company advised us not to drive the next day. The folks at the guest house seemed unconcerned, so off we went the next day towards our next destination: Hoffell in Southeast Iceland.


View from the bluff. Photo credit: Lisette

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