Stevens Creek Reservoir – Kayaking

Many people don’t know about the great local spots where you can go paddling. Just a short drive from my home (and office), Stevens Creek Reservoir is a wonderful spot for an evening paddle. The reservoir is quite small, so don’t expect to be entertained for hours, but if you are just looking to get out and experience a quiet spot to yourself, it’s perfect.

Enjoying the solitude with geese. Photo credit: Lisette

This location is right be several parks, a shooting range (also an archery range), and a great winery – so if you’d like a multi-sport day, here’s the spot for you! You can take a hike at Picchetti Ranch Open Space or Fremont Older preserves, paddle and then have a lovely little picnic at Picchetti Winery and sample the wines at their charming barn tasting room.

Stevens Creek Reservoir. Photo credit: Lisette

When you arrive at the reservoir, your kayak will need an inspection ($4), and using a non-CF boat (kayak), you pay $5 to launch. Parking is $6, but you can park JUST outside the lot for free. You can also pay a $50 fee to use both Stevens Creek and Lexington Reservoirs all year, but you can’t buy a permit onsite – these pricer permits must be procured at the main Parks Administration Building at 298 Garden Hill Drive in Los Gatos.


Reservoir selfie. Photo credit: Lisette

I’ve found that summer evenings mean I have the entire body of water to myself with just a few geese and a few fishers on the edge of the lake for company. It’s the perfect way to unwind from a long day at the office and enjoy the extra hours of daylight.

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