Burney Falls

For many years, I’ve heard about Burney Falls. It’s not too far from my annual family camping spot at Whiskeytown Lake, and I have a coworker who does her own yearly family camping trip at the falls. The college roommate of my best friend is from Burney. Somehow, I have never gotten the opportunity to go visit these gorgeous falls … until now!


Posing by the falls. Photo credit: Kind tourist.

This fall I participated in Crater Lake’s “Ride the Rim” event, and had to make a long detour on 299 when I5 was closed due to fires. On the drive up, I noticed we drove straight through Burney, so on the way back, I decided it was finally time to check out the falls.

_DSC0097View from the bridge looking upstream. Photo credit: Lisette


My Google Maps routed me to a great parking spot on the far end of the river where you can park for free of Clark Creek Road. You walk across a lovely little bridge directly into the park (and the paid parking area). I believe the fee here is the standard state park fee of approximately $8.00. From here it’s a 0.3 mile light hike on paved, handicapped accessible paths do the bottom of the falls. There are several nearby hikes you can explore if you have the time, but make sure that you have plenty of time to spend at the falls. There is also a little store and gift shop near the campgrounds, which I hear are also quite lovely.

Video of the falls. Video credit: Lisette

The falls did not disappoint. These stunning falls are so majestic that it almost seems like they must be fake. Somehow the water seems to trickle from the rock as if it’s magically coming from nowhere making for a wide cascade with amid lush greenery in an otherwise hot and remote part of California.


Waterfall Selfie. Photo credit: Lisette

It might be a long drive if you’re just coming out for the falls, but if you’re in the region, you should definitely drop in and check them out!

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