Napa Valley Bubbly Trip

I’m a sucker for sparkling wine. My friend and I were in the mood for a good girls’ weekend, so we decided to abscond to Napa (I’m easily convinced when it comes to wine weekends) for a sparkling wine themed weekend. We booked a hotel in the heart of downtown Napa and planned out an itinerary to visit several sparkling wineries.

The highlight of the trip was our tour of Schramsberg’s wine caves. Schramsberg is a fantastic sparkling winery with a deeply rooted history. They are one of the few large-scale wineries outside of champagne that make their sparkling wine in the “méthode traditionelle” rather than by adding carbon dioxide. We also visited Mumm Napa and Domain Chandon, but found Domain Chandon very touristy and chaotic. Mumm Napa had a lovely patio, just perfect for tasting quietly and enjoying the view.

Mumm Patio.jpg

The patio at Mumm. Photo credit: Lisette

We decided that we wanted an extraordinary dinner, but of course The French Laundry was a bit out of our budget (and impossible to reserve), so we opted for Bouchon. Bouchon offered all the gluten free savvy I needed, without the prices. I ordered one of the most delicious pork chops I’ve ever eaten. Overall the trip was a wonderful combination of great food, great wine and great company.


My Bouchon pork chop. Photo credit: Lisette

If you’re looking to do your own bubbly trip, a few other places you might want to check out are Gloria Ferrer, Roederer Estate and Korbel.

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  1. Another nice post! I still haven’t made it to Schramsberg, not sure why. Everyone talks about how amazing the tour is – and the bubbly. Now the pork chop at Bouchon, that I have had, and it’s so delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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