Napa Valley Bubbly Trip

I’m a sucker for sparkling wine. My friend and I were in the mood for a good girls’ weekend, so we decided to abscond to Napa (I’m easily convinced when it comes to wine weekends) for a sparkling wine themed weekend. We booked a hotel in the heart of downtown Napa and planned out an … Continue reading Napa Valley Bubbly Trip

Monarch Madness

Every year, in November, the monarch butterflies return to Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz. They gather in a eucalyptus grove lined with raised wooden boardwalks to keep visitors away from (and protect) the butterflies. Seeing the monarchs is one of my very favorite fall activities, because there’s nothing quite as magical as being … Continue reading Monarch Madness

Celebrating Friendship in Napa

Who doesn’t love Napa? No one, that’s who. This year, my long time best friend, Alison, and I decided to celebrate 27 years of friendship by spending a weekend in wine country. One of my favorite weekend trips, I highly recommend spending some time in both the Napa and Sonoma valleys. On this particular trip, … Continue reading Celebrating Friendship in Napa