Westfjords (Part V) and Puffins!

Our next epic driving day meant going from Akeyuri out to one of the farthest points in the Westfjords, Dynjandi. We got an early start and headed out to spend the day driving through the fjords before spending the night at an extremely remote horse farm.

Hot Pot BEST.jpg

Iceland’s best hot pot. Photo credit: Casey

On the way we decided to stop by one of the most scenic hot pots (according to our research), and it did not disappoint. Not only did this hot pot have views of both the mountains and fjords, but was isolated enough that we got to enjoy it all to ourselves.


Dynjandi Falls. Photo credit: Lisette

In order to reach our accommodations, we had to drive past the Dynjandi falls and along a narrow dirt road that hugged a cliff for some distance, but when we arrived we were delighted with the place.


Laugabol Farm. Photo credit: Lisette

This quaint little farm was run by one of the friendliest couples we had ever met, they were extremely helpful and kind to us, serving a lovely breakfast in the mornings and offering lots of advice on local walks and sights.

Boat View

Sights around the farm. Photo credit: Lisette

The Laugabol farm is a destination on its own, but as soon as we realized JUST how remote it was, we decided to shift our plans and spend only one night there, giving us a bit more time to explore at the end of the trip.

Farm viewViews from the farm. Photo credit: Lisette

One last thing we wanted to see before we left the Westfjords, was the Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs. We wanted to see some puffins, and were determined to find them. We were advised to go around sunset, but that was a bit late for us in the land of eternal summer sunshine, so we went in the morning on our way out.


Puffins!!!! Photo credit: Lisette

Another extremely remote location, the cliffs took hours to reach, but once we got there, we were thrilled to find that at the very beginning of the trail, puffins were dotting the edge of the cliff. We crawled forward carefully to get a few good shots and see the little birds on the edges of their burrows (it is recommended to stay on the trail).


Lovely horse posing for a glamour shot. Photo credit: Lisette

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