Snaefellsnes & Stong (Part VI)

After ogling puffins, we then headed to our next destination in the middle of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Another long day of driving, exploring hot pots with wonderful views and gasping every time we turned a corner.


Views along the road. Photo credit: Lisette

We discovered one natural hot springs that was REALLY too hot, and a few spots that were quite ideal. Our hotel was a lovely little spot called Langaholt, which had a great restaurant and breakfast included every morning. We drove to the Snaefellsjokull glacier and enjoyed the scenery around the Snaefellsjokull National Park. We really enjoyed stopping for coffee in seaside villages and enjoying fish soup (a local specialty).

Hot Pot

Another great hot pot. Photo credit: Lisette

From here, since we saved an extra day in the Westfjords, we went back towards Reykjavik early and visited Stong, a viking archaeological site. Stong was a short day trip from Reykjavik and was well worth the drive. You drive out to a gorgeous spot along a river and get to explore a recreated viking hut.


Standing at Stong. Photo credit: Casey

Stong Hut

Inside the hut at Stong. Photo credit: Lisette

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