Pursuit 2018

I had so much fun at last year’s Pursuit event, I signed up again the very first moment I saw registration open up. This year (2018), The Outbound hosted the event in Bear Valley (2017 was in Saratoga), so I was excited to drive out and experience the event start to finish this time around, rather than arriving late on Friday like last year.


The campsite. Photo credit: Lisette

I took a full two days off work, driving up Thursday for early check-in and stopping by Natural Bridge Caverns to take a dip before I arrived. I really enjoy swimming through these caves any time I’m in the region. I planned my schedule well in advance, but learned when I arrived that much had been added, so if you plan on going, keep checking the schedule for new events and classes as the dates get closer!


Morning photography class. Photo credit: Lisette

On Friday I signed up to mountain bike with Inspired Summit Adventures, who have some of the best damn guides around. They take you out on Trek bikes and really show you exactly how to handle just about anything you encounter on the trail with confidence. Afterwards I took a few classes around camp (I’ve learned to pack in something active in the morning and chill in the afternoon heat at these events), followed by food, music and generally socializing around the fire pits.


Rock climbing – photo by Pursuit photographers.

On Saturday I went rock climbing, having a blast with our class and then getting some extra sessions afterwards learning how to set anchors and get in a few more advanced climbs in, spending almost the entire day out on the rocks. Saturday’s music was an energetic young band who got everyone up and dancing.


Socializing by the fire – photo by Pursuit photographers.

This year’s food was definitely not up to par with last year, but otherwise I continue to enjoy the event and plan to come back year after year. The sponsors are all awesome, generous and super fun, and the guides are fantastic. I always meet amazing people at this event and have an unforgettable time!

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